How To Find The Best Sexual Lubricant

Lubricants can be a vital part of a healthy sex life. With water based lubricants once you open a bottle it will start to lose its effectiveness, and if you don't remember to close the cap securely it will evaporate over time. Even if a woman isn't interested in staying sexually active, keeping her vagina normal in size allows more comfortable gynecologic exams.

Cons: Expensive, cannot be used with silicone or CyberSkin sex toys, difficult to find (online or adult stores only), must be washed off with soap and water if too much is used. A: When a woman becomes sexually aroused she produces a lubricant that facilitates penetration.

It can take some time for your vagina to eliminate silicone. So, that's 6 days a month that women from ages 13-50 experience vaginal dryness. Note This isn't safe to use with condoms during anal or vaginal sex, and even though it's safe for kissing, you probably don't want to ingest a lot of it during oral sex.

These are my suggestions for the lubricants that you can use to treat your vaginal dryness. The anus doesn't lubricate like the vagina, so the important function of lube for anal sex is adding comfort and preventing tears or trauma in the tissue around the anus, says Cavanah.

That is why you need sex lubricants when you want a good go. Nonoxynol-9 can also be irritating to the skin of the vagina and rectum, causing more localized inflammation and a greater susceptibility to contracting sexually transmitted infections, like HIV.

Lubricants come in three different varieties: oil-, water-, and silicone-based. Water-based lubes are diverse and dynamic; they come in a wide range of consistencies and textures ranging from thin and slippery to thick, cushiony gel. The basic benefit of lubricants is that they can make your genital tissues moist and enhance sexual fun.

Vaginal moisturizers are also used to avoid friction during sexual relations, but are applied differently than lubricant. They found that when women were aroused or partially-aroused (immediately after sexual activity or after a 15-minute rest period), their genital pain sensitivity was higher than it was when the women were not aroused.

For many years, health officials have discouraged people from using oil-based lubes because oils break down latex rubber, causing condoms to fail. "Sex without lube is like a Slip-n-Slide without water," says sex educator JoEllen Notte. It's water-based and made with aloe vera, but designed with maintaining a body's pH balance (important for vaginas) in mind.

Typical water-based lubricants may be incompatible with sex acts that occur in water (such as in a bathtub, pool, or hot tub) as they can be dissolved or dispersed in water. Sex lubricants are the smoothening agents to make sexual intercourse more enjoyable. Cooling lubes usually contain some amount of either peppermint oil (AKA mentha piperita extract”) or menthol, which is just synthetic peppermint oil.

Sexual lubricants can turn your lovemaking sessions into a whooooole lot of fun. The lube that's best for you and your partner depends on a variety of factors specific to your personal needs and preferences. Irritation can range from a burning sensation, which is often common with warming lubes, to itching to bacterial or yeast infections in the vagina.

Although Propylene Glycol typically a preservative, in personal lubricants is actually used as a solvent as it contains acetone sex lubrication products and chloroform. A variety of topical vaginal remedies are available, from non-toxic, nonmedicated lubricants and lotions to prescription-only topical types of estrogen treatment (see table).

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